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Signs of the end of the recession

Last week I pulled a muscle in my neck and ended up off the bike for a week. After a gym workout yesterday, I was feeling pretty good this morning and headed out to ride the Somersett Loop. I hadn’t been by the Mayberry construction in a few weeks so I was pleasantly surprised to see it completed. Between Hunter Lake and McCarran it has been put on a “road diet“, going from 4 lanes to 2 with bike lanes.

I rode out  to Mogul and took the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway bike path to Del Webb Parkway. I rode that up to Back Nine Trail. For the last two years, during the economic recession, Back Nine Trail was a wonderful ride with no traffic. But housing construction has picked up again and this is what I rode through today:

I felt good on this ride – 20 miles with 1777 feet of climbing.


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