Best laid plans

I had big plans for my ride today. I was going to combine a workout ride with an errand ride, something I never do. I planned to ride the Somersett Loop and stop at the Patagonia Outlet on the way back to check out their Labor Day sale. Then I was going to ride downtown along the river and stop at Aces ballpark to get tickets for an upcoming game. The AAA Reno Aces are hot, just like their MLB Affiliate Diamondbacks. Being a Giants fan, it’s hard to feel good about that, but my son has a chance to go to a Meet and Greet with the players before the game and get some autographs from future MLB stars. Then I would ride back home on some of the great new bike lanes.

I got a backpack out of the closet, filled my drink bottle, and went out to the garage to put air in my tires. My front tire was flat. It’s hard to believe, but you can actually ride pretty regularly and never have a flat on the road. I’ve ridden regularly for two years now and haven’t had a flat on the road since July 2009. Ok, so a flat in the garage is good practice in flat changing. I changed the tube and used the floor pump to pump it up. I called Stan and he told me to check the inside of the tire for sharp things. When I took the old tube out, I put air in it and the only apparent leak was the valve. So I put a new tube in without checking.

Ok good to go. Started riding and felt great. Oops, I forgot to bring a lock. Oh well, I can probably bring my bike inside at the Patagonia Outlet – they’re pretty laid back. Then 7 miles into my ride, my front tire went flat. Ok so I practiced in the garage – this shouldn’t be too bad. I got out my CO2, which incidentally I have never used before, and tried to pump it up and see if it would hold enough to get me back home. Ha! First of all, the CO2 cartridge in the dispenser had been in my saddle bag in the dispenser for 2 years. It was apparently all gone.

Trying to pump CO2 into the tire

I had another cartridge so I filled the tire and it immediately went flat. GREAT. Now I’m out of CO2 and I don’t have a pump. So I called my dad and luckily caught him between activities so he was able to pick  me up.

I was at the I-80 westbound entrance from West Fourth St. I went over the cattle guard and pulled over in a driveway.It was interesting, while waiting for my dad, to note the number of cyclists that rode by me. At least 10 ignored me or didn’t see me. Only one guy asked if I needed help and offered me CO2 but by then my dad was on his way. I guess to the other riders I didn’t look very helpless.

I also watched trains and traffic on I-80,

and noted the cool rocks on the hillside above me.

Best laid plans of mice and men…I did my errands in my car and now I have to go fix a flat tire – in my garage.



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2 responses to “Best laid plans

  1. Anyone who would pass a fellow cyclist in need without offering to help deserves to get a flat themselves (when they are at least 30 miles away from home).

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