more bike lanes coming

From the Reno Gazette Journal, September 1, 2011

Plumas bike lanes approved:

 The council gave its OK for the Regional Transportation Commission to replace parking on the east side of Plumas Street between Moana Lane and Urban Road with a bike lane. The west side of the street will get a bike lane, too. The east side of the street includes a series of multifamily and single family homes with anywhere from three to 10 vehicles parking on the street at any given time, said Steve Bunnell, a traffic engineer with the city. “It’s relatively light,” he said. The bike lanes will connect with existing routes south of Moana Lane on Plumas Street and nearby Arlington Avenue. Bikers will likely use Urban Road to get to Plumas. No one opposed the bike lane at the meeting.

I was riding on this stretch of road on a Saturday back in June. I was with 3 other riders and as we headed north I looked ahead and saw two other riders ahead of us. I thought, “if only I had my camera, this would be a great photo to show the need for a bike lane here”. This stretch of road connects to other heavily used bike lanes and will be a welcome improvement.

Comments on the Reno Gazette Journal website about this the day before the council vote included the usual grumpy drivers complaining about cyclists riding too far from the edge of the road. It’s nice to know that no one was protesting against this change at the council meeting.

I feel much safer riding on a road that has a bike lane. It may be a false sense of security, but I really think it helps drivers stay away from cyclists. It’s nice that Reno has put in so many bike lanes this summer. I now have my choice of more cycling routes where I feel safe.


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